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Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement - ABLE Denton Police Department Only
Advanced Collision Investigation (TEEX)
Advanced Human Trafficking and Investigations - Collective Liberty
Advanced Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Police Concepts
Advanced Patrol Tactics - Calibre Press
Advanced Search and Seizure - Blue to Gold
Advanced Traffic Stops - Blue to Gold
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Course - HITS
ALERRT Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) Train the Trainer
ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement)
Basic Hostage Negotiator
Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC)
Basic Police Cyclist
Basic Radar User Denton Police Department Only
Basic TCOLE Instructor
Beyond SFST's
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis I (Bevel Gardner)
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Level II - Bevel, Gardner and Associates
Body Worn Camera Denton Police Department Only
Bulletproof Report Writing - Blue to Gold
Cartel Training for Law Enforcement - Street Cop Training
Cellphone Evidence: From Seizure to Courtroom - LLRMI
Consortium Driving
CPR/First Aid
Crime Scene Metal Detector Operations - TriTech Forensics
Criminal Patrol/ Drug Interdiction Class - HITS
Dare to Be Great 2.0 Workshop
Dare To Be Great: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Leading
Death and Homicide Investigations - PATC
Defensive Tactics - Adjunct Instructor Denton Police Department Only
Drone Part 107 Preparatory Class
DW-High Training
EVOC Training - 2021 Denton Police Department Only
Excellence in Training
Eyewitness Training Denton Police Department Only
Fair and Impartial Policing Denton Police Department Only
Female Enforcers - Calibre Press
Field Force Overview Denton Police Department Only
Finding the Leader in You - Calibre Press
Firearms - Patrol Rifle Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Patrol Rifle Refresh Denton Police Department Only
Firearms Instructor - Basic
Firearms Instructor - Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
Firearms- Pistol Optic Transition Denton Police Department Only
Firearms- Qualifications Denton Police Department Only
Fireproofed Leadership Training
Forensic Supervision - Gap Science LLC
FRIDAY - Focus on Reducing Impaired Driving Among Youth
Fundamentals of Report Writing - Streetcop Training
Gangs 101 Denton Police Department Only
In-Service Police Cyclist Training Denton Police Department Only
Interdiction for the Protection of Children
Intermediate - Canine Encounters
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training (Open to all)
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training Course #1850
Intermediate - De-Escalation Techniques Course #1849
Intermediate - Interacting with Drivers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Intermediate Arrest, Search and Seizure
Intermediate Child Abuse
Intermediate Crime Scene
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate Use of Force
Investigating Video Evidence Denton Police Department Only
Investigative Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction - TriTech Forensics
IP, APP, and Internet Investigations
IPMBA Instructor Course
L.E. K-9 Decoy Class
Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors - Advanced Police Concepts
Legally justified; but was it avoidable? (Calibre Press)
Less Lethal Shotgun Operator Denton Police Department Only
Lifesaving Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement Class - Street Cop Training
Meeting the Leadership Challenges for Law Enforcement, Supervision, Leadership, and Management - LLRMI
Mental Health First Aid - Denton County MHMR
Pedestrian/Auto Reconstruction - TEEX AIR555
Police Skills and Tactics - Block 1 Denton Police Department Only
Police Skills and Tactics- Block 2 Denton Police Department Only
Police Supervision 101 - ILEA
Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Law Enforcement - Calibre Press
Reid Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
Respiratory Safety Training Denton Police Department Only
Roll Call Leadership Training - Echelon Front
SAFVIC - Strangulation Course
Scenarios and Tactics for the Field Training Officer - Calibre Press
Search Warrants - HITS
Seize the Cash - Street Cop Training
Servant Leadership (ILEA)
Sexual Deviant Offenders - PATC
SFST Instructor Course
SFST New Practitioner
SFST Update
Social Media & Open Source Investigation
SWAT - Basic Course
SWAT - Intermediate Course
TCIC/TLETS Less Than Full Access TCOLE #4801
TCIC/TLETS Mobile Access TCOLE#4800
Temporary Tag Enforcement
Texas Case Law that all Cops Need to Know - Street Cop Training
Volcanic Mechanic Bicycle Maintenance Course