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Advanced Collision Investigation (TEEX)
Advanced Interview and Interrogation
Advanced Search and Seizure - Blue to Gold
Advanced Traffic Stops - Blue to Gold
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Course - HITS
Basic Hostage Negotiator
Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC)
Basic Police Cyclist
Basic Radar User
Basic TCOLE Instructor
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis I (Bevel Gardner)
Body Worn Camera Denton Police Department Only
Bulletproof Report Writing - Blue to Gold
Consortium Driving
Criminal Patrol/ Drug Interdiction Class - HITS
Dare To Be Great: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Leading
Dark Web Investigations
Defensive Tactics - 1 - Basic Skills Denton Police Department Only
Drone Part 107 Preparatory Class
EVOC Training Denton Police Department Only
Excellence in Training
Eyewitness Training Denton Police Department Only
Fair and Impartial Policing Denton Police Department Only
Field Force Overview Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Patrol Rifle Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Pistol Mounted Optic Denton Police Department Only
Firearms 1 Low Light 2021 Denton Police Department Only
Firearms 2 Qualification and Skills 2021 Denton Police Department Only
Firearms Instructor - Basic
Firearms Instructor - Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
Firearms Instructor Development 2021 A Denton Police Department Only
How to Predict Violence & Influence Outcomes - Calibre Press
In-Service Scenario Based Training Denton Police Department Only
Interdiction for the Protection of Children
Intermediate - Canine Encounters
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training (Open to all)
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training Course #1850
Intermediate - De-Escalation Techniques Course #1849
Intermediate - Interacting with Drivers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Intermediate Arrest, Search and Seizure
Intermediate Child Abuse
Intermediate Collision Investigation (TEEX)
Intermediate Crime Scene
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate Use of Force
IP, APP, and Internet Investigations
Legal Aspects of Traffic Stops - LEA
Legal Update
Legally justified; but was it avoidable? (Calibre Press)
Less Lethal Shotgun Operator Denton Police Department Only
Police Driving
Police Supervision 101 - ILEA
Search and Seizure Supercharged - LEA
Search Warrants - HITS
Servant Leadership (ILEA)
SFST Instructor Course
SFST Update
Stopping Online Child Predators - Calibre Press
Street Survival (Calibre Press)
SWAT - Basic Course
SWAT - Intermediate Course
Truck & Bus Traffic Enforcement
Use of Force - Law and Liability - LEA