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4-Day Less-Lethal ICP Instructor Course - Defense Technology
Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement - ABLE (Professional Staff) Denton Police Department Only
Active Shooter Tabletop Exercises - Supervisors Only Denton Police Department Only
Advanced Collision Investigation (AIR545) - TEEX
Advanced Criminal Investigations - Blue to Gold
Advanced Human Trafficking and Investigations - Collective Liberty
Advanced Patrol Tactics - Calibre Press
Advanced Search and Seizure - Blue to Gold
Advanced Traffic Stops - Blue to Gold
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Course - HITS
ADW Working Sessions - The Brunel Group Denton Police Department Only
ALERRT Active Attack Integrated Response (AAIR) Train the Trainer
ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement)
Auto-Theft Recognition and Apprehension Training - Tri-County Auto Burglary & Theft Prevention Task Force
Basic Hostage Negotiator
Basic Narcotic Investigations - PLET
Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC)
Basic Police Cyclist Denton Police Department Only
Basic Radar User
Basic TCOLE Instructor
Beyond SFST's
Bike Patrol - Skills and Tactics - Block 2 Denton Police Department Only
Bike Patrol Skills and Tactics Block 1 Denton Police Department Only
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis I (Bevel Gardner)
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Level II - Bevel, Gardner and Associates
Body Worn Camera Denton Police Department Only
Bulletproof Courtroom Testimony - Blue to Gold
Bulletproof Report Writing - Blue to Gold
Cartel Training for Law Enforcement - Street Cop Training
Cellphone Evidence: From Seizure to Courtroom - LLRMI
Cellular Evidence & Mapping - CTI Services NM
Certified Search and Seizure Instructor (CSSI) - Blue to Gold
Child Abuse Investigations - H.I.T.S.
Child Homicide Investigations - NCJTC
Collision Reconstruction - TEEX
Consortium Driving
Constitutional Use of Force - Calibre Press
Covert Online Investigations - Covert Media Consulting
CPR Denton Police Department Only
CPR/First Aid
Crime Scene Metal Detector Operations - TriTech Forensics
Criminal M.A.P.P. Training - Street Cop Training
Criminal Patrol/ Drug Interdiction Class - HITS
Criminal Street Gangs Denton Police Department Only
Current Drug Trends - NCJTC
Dare to Be Great 2.0 Workshop
Dare To Be Great: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Leading
Death and Homicide Investigations - PATC
Drone Part 107 Preparatory Class
Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals (DITEP)
DW-High Training
Emotional Survival for Female Enforcers - Calibre Press
Excellence in Training
Extracting the Truth - Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Police Concepts
Eyewitness Training Denton Police Department Only
Fair and Impartial Policing Denton Police Department Only
Female Enforcers - Calibre Press
Field Force Overview Denton Police Department Only
Finding the Leader in You - Calibre Press
Firearms Instructor - Basic
Firearms Instructor - Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
Fireproofed Leadership Training
Forensic Supervision - Gap Science LLC
FRIDAY - Focus on Reducing Impaired Driving Among Youth
Fundamentals of Report Writing - Streetcop Training
Gangs 101 Denton Police Department Only
Geofence Investigations - Covert Media Consulting
Homicide Investigations - Advanced Police Concepts
Identification and Documentation of Bloodstain Patterns in Crime Scenes - Scott Swick
Interdiction for the Protection of Children
Intermediate - Canine Encounters
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training (Open to all)
Intermediate - Crisis Intervention Training Course #1850
Intermediate - De-Escalation Techniques Course #1849
Intermediate - Interacting with Drivers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Intermediate Arrest, Search and Seizure
Intermediate Child Abuse
Intermediate Collision Investigation (AIR540) - TEEX
Intermediate Crime Scene
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate Use of Force
Internal Affairs, Administrative Investigation and Citizen Complaints - LLRMI
Investigating Cases of Child Homicide and Unexplained Deaths of Children - LLRMI
Investigating Video Evidence Denton Police Department Only
Investigation and Prosecution of Cold Case Homicides - NCJTC
Investigative Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction - TriTech Forensics
IP, APP, and Internet Investigations
IPMBA Instructor Course
Knife Defense Instructor Course - Blue Shield Tactical
L.E. K-9 Decoy Class
Leadership for Field Training Officers - TPCA
Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors - Advanced Police Concepts
Leadership Integrity - FBI LEEDA
Legally justified; but was it avoidable? (Calibre Press)
Less-Lethal Impact Munitions - New User Denton Police Department Only
Lifesaving Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement Class - Street Cop Training
Managing and Conducting Internal Affairs Investigations - FBI LEEDA
Managing Criminal Investigations - TPCA
Media and Public Relations - FBI LEEDA
Meeting the Leadership Challenges for Law Enforcement, Supervision, Leadership, and Management - LLRMI
Mental Health First Aid - Denton County MHMR
Mental Health Officer - TCOLE #4201
NICB - Auto Theft School
Officer Safety for Corrections - Calibre Press
Officer-Involved Shooting and Use of Force Investigations - PATC
Pedestrian/Auto Reconstruction - TEEX AIR555
PepperBall Instructor/Armorer Course
Police Hostage/Crisis Negotiations - Advanced Police Concepts
Police Skills Block 1 - 2023 Denton Police Department Only
Police Supervision 101 - ILEA
Presidia Gel - New User Denton Police Department Only
Presidia Gel Instructor Course - Reflex Protect Tactical
Professional Law Enforcement - Tragedy, Protests & The Aftermath
Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Units - IA Pro/BlueTeam
Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Law Enforcement - Calibre Press
Reid Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
Reid Investigative Interview and Positive Persuasion for Child Abuse Investigations
Respiratory Safety Training Denton Police Department Only
Roll Call Leadership Training - Echelon Front
SAFVIC - Strangulation Course
Scenarios and Tactics for the Field Training Officer - Calibre Press
Search & Seizure and Terry Stops Webinar Denton Police Department Only
Search Warrants - HITS
Seize the Cash - Street Cop Training
Servant Leadership (ILEA)
Sexual Deviant Offenders - PATC
Sexual Offenses: Mind and Motivation - NCJTC
SFST Instructor Course
SFST New Practitioner
SFST Update
Social Media & Open Source Investigation
Street Surveillance Techniques For Plainclothes Officers and Investigators
Street Survival Seminar - Calibre Press
Supervisor Report Review - Advanced Police Concepts
SWAT - Basic Course
SWAT - Intermediate Course
Tactical Leadership - Calibre Press
TCIC/TLETS Less Than Full Access TCOLE #4801
TCOLE #6400 - Peer to Peer Course
Temporary Tag Enforcement
Ten Steps for Managing a Major Case Investigation - LLRMI
Texas Case Law that all Cops Need to Know - Street Cop Training
The Complete Combatant - Hill Country Combatives
The Executive P.I.O. - ILEA
The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion for Child Abuse Investigations
Truck & Bus Traffic Enforcement
Understanding Addiction
Uniformed Criminal Interdiction
Webinar: Search & Seizure Law and Terry Stops Denton Police Department Only
When Good Employees Do Bad Things - ILEA