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Bulletproof Courtroom Testimony - Blue to Gold

Class Length: 8 hours
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The goal of Bulletproof Courtroom Testimony is to help officers persuasively testify in court in a manner that is legally defensible.



Students who complete the course will: 

Understand how to prepare for grand juries, suppression hearings, and trial.

Understand how to explain the case in a persuasive and legally defensible manner.

Understand how the defense attacks credibility which may result in a Brady finding (i.e. accused of lying). 

Help officers make good case law through effective testimony.


Training Modules

1) Students will acquire a solid understanding about trial preparation, including: 

How to review the case.

What facts are important.

Meeting with the prosecutor.

What information will likely be used for impeachment.

Learning about the defense attorney's style.


2) Students will learn how to tell their story in a persuasive and legally defensible manner, such as: 

The attributes of a credible officer

Brady consequences

How to describe and explain legally significant actions

How to describe crime scenes so the jury is "placed in the scene"

How to testify when you are unsure about minute details

How to persuade the jury


3. Students will learn how to handle cross examination, such as:

The importance of establishing trust with the jury before cross examination.

The importance of never getting angry during cross examination.

How to answer closed ended questions in a way that shares the entire truth.

How to effectively answer questions.

What objectives mean.

How to handle exculpatory evidence. 


4. How to handle redirect examination, including:

Understanding the purpose of redirect examination.

How to clear up misunderstandings created by cross examination.

The importance of remaining humble and professional.


5. Officer will practice these techniques, with an emphasis on:

Remaining in control of emotions.

Not getting tripped up with trick questions.

Experience handling cross examination

Identifying weaknesses in the case.






All students will receive a completion certificate and the Search & Seizure Pocket Guide.