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Temporary Tag Enforcement

Class Length: 8 hours
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Course Description: E-Tag (Paper Tags) Enforcement is a course developed by Sgt. Joe Escribano with the Travis County Constable Precinct 3 – Clean Air Task Force and is intended to help law enforcement officers and dispatchers to identify and understand the various e-tags and the information contained within e-tags. 


This course accomplishes this goal by focusing on the following points:


ü  Define E-Tag.

ü  Discover the reasons behind the alteration of E-Tags.

ü  Identify four E-Tag counter measures.

ü  Apply a bar code reader to an E-Tag and obtain the Tag information.

ü  Recall two types of Dealer Tags.

ü  Recognize the appropriate use of a Dealer Tag.

ü  Recall two types of Buyers Tags.

ü  State the period a Buyers Tag remains valid.

ü  State the validity period (in months) of a Buyer Internet down Tag.

ü  Identify the most commonly altered E Tags.

ü  Distinguish between a Buyer, Dealer Tags and Permits.

ü  Recognize the characteristics of altered e-tags.

ü  Explain and NCIC and TCIC return of NO RECORD RTS DATABASE.

ü  Recognize the proper charges for the alteration of a paper tag.

ü  Recognize the proper charges for operating salvage titled motor vehicle.