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Firearms Instructor - Patrol Rifle Instructor Course

Class Length: 30 hours
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This course is designed to take an experienced firearms instructor who can competently operate a rifle and teach them how to run a basic patrol rifle course, diagnose shooter error, and introduce them to skill building drills and competitions so they can improve their skills and challenge their students.

Students must be able to attach to a barricade and fire 5 rounds standing into an 8 inch circle in under 10 seconds at 50 yards on demand or they will not be able to keep up with the course.  They should be wearing duty gear and body armor,  A cold assessment of this skill will be done at the start of the first day.  Those not able to pass the test will not be able to stay in the class.


TCOLE Certified Firearms Instructor

Qualified with an agency patrol rifle




Patrol Rifle with iron sights and sling (optic, if available, will be used and taught)  (weapon mounted light is highly encouraged)
At least 3 thirty round magazines
600 rounds of rifle ammunition 
Duty handgun in holster
50 rounds of handgun ammunition