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Basic Concepts of Cellular Technology

Class Length: 24 hours
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Basic Concepts of Cellular Technology for Law Enforcement (BCCT-1001L) is a 24-Hour interactive training
course geared towards the successful response, recovery, and analysis of the necessary technical records and
data to provide meaningful intelligence and evidence regarding the probable location of a cellular or mobile
device, during a given period of time. This course is designed to instruct the cellular technology beginner with
real-time and historical perspectives on the analysis of cellular-based scientific evidence during the course of
law enforcement operations, emergency response, and criminal investigations. HCR evidence is becoming
more and more prevelant in the investigative fact finding as well with courtroom presentation in both State and
Federal arenas. Historical Cellular Reconstruction at its core is often the only science, when properly
performed, which can identify where a specific cellular or mobile device was at a given time in the past. Mobile
device location analysis, when conducted in real-time, often amounts to the most accurate and single-handed
reliable tool to locate a potential victim, or offender. This course is designed to instruct in basic records collection,
interpretation, processes, capabilities, and operational techniques. Core fundamentals of this course
require students to both examine and interpret data, as well as perform in practical exercises.


This is a beginner level course designed for the Officer,
Analyst, Intelligence Operator, and/or Investigator
with limited or basic knowledge of cellular technology
and/or the presentation of digital evidence.




COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: (Subject to Change, Depending on Current Issues, and Topics)
Principles & Components of Cellular Communication, Formats, Systems,
and Technologies, Antenna Structure & Tower Propagation, Introduction
to Mapping, Environmental Factors & The Field Study, Legal Process &
Carrier Compiance Issues, Records, Logs, and Data Interpretation, HCR
and Alibi Data Testing, Principles of the HCR Investigation & Investigator,
Digital Media Forensics in the Modern Criminal Case, Trial Preparation for
the Presentation of Historical Cellular Reconstruction Evidence, Special
Terrain and Rescue Concerns, Baseline Measurement, Pattern of Life, and
Intelligence Analysis.