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Excellence in Training

Class Length: 40 hours
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Inspiring Change Through Excellence in Training

Excellence in Training helps good trainers become great trainers and great trainers deliver awesome training.

Excellence in Training is a philosophy.

A way of thinking differently.

It embraces the power of question.

It taps into the power of the mind.

It inspires change. 

The time is now. Be inspired. Be the change.

The Excellence in Training Course has helped trainers, academies and agencies across North America:

  • Reduce remedial training hours with recruits and in-service officers.
  • Eliminate mental blocks preventing good officers from being successful with firearms qualification, written exams and scenario based training.
  • Reduce attrition rates in recruit training programs.
  • Dramatically improve officers’ performance during scenario training.
  • Improve officers’ performance in the field.
  • Graduate confident, competent, professional officers from their training program.
  • Improve shooting abilities of officers at all levels, literally overnight, using techniques covered in this program.

This course is designed for trainers who want: 

  • Cutting edge training focused on simple, effective methods to harness the power of the mind.
  • Tactics for conducting effective debriefings that will enhance the competence, confidence and performance of their officers.
  • Tips on maximizing the effectiveness of videos in their training program.
  • A framework to help officers achieve tactical proficiency through advanced mental preparation skills.
  • Insights on how to apply the research on learning to help make training stick.

Creating a training environment that inspires excellence and is most conducive to learning is one of the greatest challenges for today’s law enforcement trainers. Excellence in Training is an innovative instructor development course designed to address those issues by drawing on:

  • Lessons learned by Brian Willis during his 25 years as a full time law enforcement officer and over 27 year of law enforcement training experience.
  • The invaluable experience, knowledge and expertise brought to the program by the participants.
  • Feedback from the hundreds of trainers that have gone through the Excellence in Training course.
  • Research from a variety of disciplines including leadership, psychology, and human performance.







About the instructor – Brian Willis:

Brian Willis is recognized throughout North America as a catalyst for change and a man with many questions. He is the founder of the innovative training company Winning Mind Training, a company committed to help the men and women of law enforcement focus on What’s Important Now?, Embrace the Suck, Look for the Good and Dare to Be Great.  Brian was a full time police officer for 25 years and has over 30 years of law enforcement training experience.

He is a recipient of the Law Officer Trainer of the Year award and a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment and contributions to Officer Safety. Brian has also served as a mental preparation coach for athletes from a variety of sports including two Olympic athletes.






Bring a pen, paper and an open mind.