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Voluntary PT Incentive Assessment

Class Length: 2 hours
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This is an opportunity to take the 6 event test. Meet at the DHS track at the assigned start time. Arrive in PT clothes and bring your own water. Everyone will be weighed-in prior to taking the test.

If you prefer to take any of the row tests (2000m, 4- minute max distance, 500m) then you must contact one of the test proctors listed below and arrange a time:


Det. Millican, Det. Murphy, Sgt. McIntire, Ofc Balogun, Ofc Chris Curtis, Ofc Sarah Keith, Ofc Seth Reed, Ofc Gina Whitson, Ofc Jared Raye, Ofc Gallardo


* There will be more proctors to follow after the DPS Row Certification Class in the beginning of September.


Reminder:  The PT incentive program requires that bloodwork and a followup is completed by Care Here or other doctor to qualify.




Contact any of the test proctors listed below for more information:

Detective Millican, Detective Murphy, Sgt. McIntire, Ofc Balogun, Ofc Whitson, Sgt. Buchanan, Sgt. D. Beckwith, Ofc Raye, Ofc Reed, Sgt Bradford, Ofc S. Keith, Ofc Gallardo, Ofc C. Curtis.