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Firearms Instructor - Basic

Class Length: 50 hours
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This course is designed to provide the police firearms instructor with the knowledge on how to teach others to shoot and handle firearms.  This course will help you develop the additional knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to organize and teach firearms courses. The participant will shoot challenging courses of fire. More importantly, the participant will learn how to diagnose and correct student weaknesses, analyze and score targets, design and run courses of fire, and properly document police firearms training.

Participants will be able to develop and implement comprehensive firearms training programs.


Must have a Basic TCOLE Instructor certificate.




The course will be held at the Denton Police Department Firearms Range at 3828 Airport Road, Denton, TX.


The student will be required to shoot two courses of fire (pistol/shotgun) on the first day with a minimum of 90% (2 attempts). If the student is unable to achieve 90% then they will not be allowed to participate in the course at this time as mandated by TCOLE.

Equipment and Supplies Needed for Course:

  • Reliable Semi-Auto Service Handgun
    • At least 3 magazines
    • Holster actually used on duty (If concealment holster is used on duty, then course will be shot from concealment)
    • Magazine pouch for at least 2 spare magazines
    • 1500 rounds of semi-auto handgun ammunition
  • Service Shotgun
    • 50 rounds of 00 buckshot
    • 10 slugs
  • Revolver
    • Preferably a smaller backup-off duty style
    • Loaners available in 38 special (bring ammo)
    • 2 speed loaders or speed strips (can work around if you don't have them)
    • 50 rounds of revolver ammo
  • Wrap around eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Flashlight
  • Weapon Mounted Light optional
  • Course materials will be given on a USB storage device.  Most materials can be accessed by smart phone with internet access.  A lap top computer for use after class hours would be helpful.