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Basic Narcotic Investigations - PLET

Class Length: 40 hours
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Narcotic investigators are faced with a challenging and a dynamic assignment of proactively targeting individuals involved in the illicit manufacture, distribution, and/or possession of narcotics. Oftentimes, investigators are assigned to a narcotics unit and receive limited training. This can inadvertently lead to critical errors in various aspects of narcotic-related investigations.
This five-day training course will properly prepare officers with the tools they need to conduct a narcotics investigation successfully. Officers will receive in-depth training on common street drug identification, paraphernalia, cutting agents, current prices, and terminology. Officers will also receive training on micro-labs to include Fentanyl, BHO, PCP, GHB, and Methamphetamine labs.
Covert surveillance tactics are a critical component for successful narcotic investigations. Officers will participate in practical surveillance scenarios using both foot and vehicular surveillance during this course.
Controlled-buy operations are a critical component to successful narcotic investigations. Information will be presented on techniques to conduct buys using confidential informants as well as undercover officers. Techniques and strategies will be presented to minimize the risk associated with buy operations.
One of the primary ways narcotic cases are lost in court are due to illegal searches and seizures. Up-to-date case law will be presented during this course as well as techniques to draft various types of narcotic-related search warrants.  
Interview and interrogation techniques are critical to the success of future narcotic operations. Up-to-date techniques will be presented during this course.
Officers will be exposed to numerous audio/video examples of buys gone bad to help illustrate the teaching points. Across the United States, police agencies have experienced narcotic scandals because of unethical or illegal behavior carried out by officers. This course will identify the root causes of unethical behavior and provide strategies to help reduce corruption.