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NICB - Auto Theft School

Class Length: 24 hours
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Both older and newer model cars are targets. In 2018, the ten most stolen automobiles ranged from the 1997 Honda Accord to the 2018 GMC Full Size Pickup. While carjacking, unauthorized vehicle tows, and key cloning are frequent occurrences, vehicle owners simply leaving an extra set of keys in their vehicle is all too common. By the time you’ve read this, at least one vehicle has been stolen in the United States, and whenever a vehicle is stolen, we all pay.

In addition to providing financial resources to organized criminal and terrorist rings, according to the Insurance Information Institute, about one-quarter of a typical comprehensive auto insurance premium goes to cover auto theft claims. Fortunately, there are steps that you – a public or law enforcement official – could do to curb auto theft in your community.


Carjacking: The armed or strong-armed robbery of a vehicle

Towing: Stealing a vehicle by towing it away

Key cloning: Use of sophisticated technology to intercept and mimic key fob signals on push-button start vehicles

Second or Valet Key: Breaking into a vehicle and using the owner’s second or valet key that has been left in the vehicle

Hotwiring: Starting the engine of a vehicle by short-circuiting the engine; limited to older models

Running Vehicles: Thieves steal vehicles left running on driveways, at gas stations, and other locations

To Be Resold: Stolen vehicles are re-tagged or cloned to sell to unsuspecting buyers

Parts: Vehicles are stolen to dismantle the vehicles and resell its parts

Export: Vehicles are stolen to be export for sale in a foreign country

Commission of Other Crimes: Vehicles are used in the commission of illegal acts

Transportation: The vehicle is stolen for basic transportation

Joy Rides: The vehicle is stolen for the thrill of vehicle theft

Insurance Fraud: The vehicle is reported stolen for purposed of collecting an insurance settlement







As of 6/22/2022 - This course is full and no longer accepting registrations. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact: Roland Dumund at or (972) 839-5103. Thank you.