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Investigating Cases of Child Homicide and Unexplained Deaths of Children - LLRMI

Class Length: 14 hours
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This two-day course is designed for law enforcement-homicide and death investigators, coroner/medical examiner investigators (medico-legal death investigators) and those in the child protection field. The instruction will comprehensively examine all aspects of responding to and investigating cases of child homicide and unexplained deaths of children.



Course Overview:


The Initial Response to the Death Scene

Steps for Initiating the Investigation

Determining Cause and Manner of Death

Infant Death - SUIDI and SIDS Shaken Baby Syndrome - Myths vs. Realities

Doll Reenactments

Determining Accidental vs. Intentional Injuries (Child Abuse)

Falls - Head Injuries and Other Signs

Burns - Patterns, Sparing, Severity, Temperature vs. Time

Common Bone Fractures

Bruises and Contusions

Signs of Wounds in Various

Stages of Healing

Other Common Injuries

Child Neglect Overview - Contributors to Death

Overview of Child Homicide in the United States

Current Trends in Child Abduction

Determining False Reports of Child Abduction

Common Methods of Disposal of Remains of Children

Identifying Unidentified Remains of Children

Interview and Interrogation Strategies

Victim and Family Issues

Interacting with Families in Crisis

An Overview of Children with Special Needs

Unique Risk - Children on the Autism Spectrum

Deaths by Drowning and other High-Risk Behavior

Other Issues

Case Studies


None - CID and Major Crimes Investigators preferred