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Bike Patrol Skills and Tactics Block 1

Class Length: 4 hours
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In-service training is required two times annually for those that have attended and passed ipmba basic police cyclist training, or equivalent.  the training is designed to provide a refresher of information, and to further train and impliment bicycle operational tactics.  Each training will provide the rider the opportunity to assess their proficiency.  these trainings will provide the rider with the environment to learn more advanced riding techniques.


learning objectives

  1. STudent will know and demonstrate proper pre-ride safety inspections.
  2. student will be Student will know and demonstrate proficiency of proper dismounting techniques.
  3. student will know and later demonstrate proficiency of slow speed and balance handling skills of the bicycle.
  4. STudent will know and later demonstrate proficiency of ascending curbs and stairs while on the bicycle.
  5. Student will know and demonstrate proficiency of descending curbs and stairs while on the bicycle.
  6. Student will demonstrate safe road riding techniques



Training location will be: 


716 E. McKinney st. 


Must be Bike Certified. 


Can bring personal  bike or use department bikes.  You need to bring a bicycle to the class. 


required training equipment

police bicycle (pd issued bikes meet minimum standards for patrol operation)

hydration (camelbak, water bottles, etc.)

Bicycle helmet (meets minimum ansi ii safety standards)


comfortable footwear appropriate for bike patrol duty use

gloves (recommended)

issued bike uniform may be worn (required for any firearms training)




Below is an exerpt from General order 517 – Bicycle patrol


517.8        TRAINING

  • .Officers must complete an IPMBA Public Safety Cyclist Course prior to assignment to bicycle patrol. Thereafter, bicycle patrol officers should receive twice yearly in-service training to improve skills and refresh safety, health and operational procedures. The initial training shall minimally include:
      • Bicycle patrol strategies.
      • Bicycle safety and accident prevention.
      • Operational tactics and techniques using bicycles.

***Bicycle patrol officers will be required to qualify on bicycle skills annually or as directed by the bicycle patrol coordinator to maintain unit proficiency.


They will also be required to train and qualify with their duty and secondary firearms while wearing bicycle safety equipment, including the helmet and riding gloves.