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Crime Scene Metal Detector Operations - TriTech Forensics

Class Length: 16 hours
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Crime Scene Metal Detector Operations will provide the crime scene investigator with a basic understanding of the nomenclature and operation of metal detectors. This course will also teach the techniques needed to successfully locate metallic items of evidence such as, but not limited to, firearms, projectiles, and shell casings. This training will permit the investigator to find more evidence and/or find the evidence more quickly.

?The design of this course is specific to the following metal detectors: Garrett CSI 250, Garrett CSI Pro, or the Garrett AT Pro. (For other metal detectors, please contact us.)


Course Outline

  1.  Introduction to the Garrett Metal Detector

           a. Operators Manual
           b. Metal Detectors Twelve Components and Optional Accessories
           c. Assembly
           d. Batteries, Power ON and OFF, and Factory Resetting
           e. Metal Detector Control Panel?

    2.    Target Information
           a. Target ID Legend - Ferrous (iron) and Non-Ferrous
           b. Target ID Cursor (Upper Scale) 20 graphic degree segments
           c. Target ID Notch Discrimination Scale
           d. Target ID Depth Indicator
           e. Digital Target ID (1 thru 99)
    3.    Ground Balancing
            a. Ground Balancing - Push Button Operation
            b. Automatic Ground Balancing
            c. Manual Ground Balancing

?    4.    Frequency Adjustment
?           a. Frequency Adjustment (F1-F4) Interference Reduction

?    5.    Tone ID and Tone Roll Audio
?           a.  Low-Tones (ferrous target nails-iron)
?           b. Medium Tones (small non-ferrous, lead bullets, small shell casings)
?           c. High Tones (non-ferrous larger brass and cooper bullet casings)
?           d. Tone Variations (target orientation and size)

?    6.   Search Modes
?          a. Custom Mode (adjustable by the user will be retained at power off)
?          b. Zero Mode (adjustable- not retained at power off)
?    7.   Notch Discrimination
?          a. Notch Discrimination Notch DISC  push buttons (+), (-)
?          b. Notch Discrimination ( proportional discrimination)

?    8.   Iron Discrimination
?          a. Iron Discrimination Setting 0-40
?          b. Iron Discrimination Push Buttons Operations
?          c. Iron Discrimination and Combined Conductivity (multiple targets)
?    9.   Iron Audio
?          a. Iron Audio ON/OFF
?          b. Iron Disc Settings (audible iron identification for enhanced target identification)
?  10.  Bench or Air Testing
?         a. Observe Digital Target ID"s
?         b. Discrimination
         c. Iron Audio

?  11.  Field Metal Detecting
         a. Search Grids
?         b. Sweeping the Coil
?         c. Pinpointing
?         d. Target Recovery


Equipment Requirements: Garrett CSI 250, Garrett CSI Pro, or Garrett AT Pro, accompanied by a Garrett Hand-Held Pin-Pointer Metal Detector, Metal Detector Headphones, and a Handheld digging Tool.

Practical Exercise: The topics presented in this class will be evaluated by written tests and performance evaluations during the entirety of this course.




Instructor: John Volek


Holding a Master Peace Officer license and a Police Instructor certification, John Volek has a strong background in law enforcement training having previously served six years as his department’s training officer and training coordinator.

He has been assisting law enforcement agencies with training and techniques to help them improve their evidence recovery success rates since 2007.

John is also owner and operator of Houston Metal Detecting Services and franchise owner of The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Services in Houston, Texas. He also owns XTREME Scoops, a metal detecting sand scoop manufacturing company.