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IPMBA Instructor Course

Class Length: 40 hours
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30-Day Release


  • PMBA Basic Cyclist Course Theory:  course history and philosophy
  • Responsibilities of an IPMBA Instructor:  administrative (testing & paperwork) and personal (mentoring, safety, & liability) responsibilities of the IPMBA Instructor
  • Instructional Aids and the Classroom Environment:  what they are and how to use them effectively
  • Theories of Instruction and Adult Learning:  what they are and how to apply them
  • The Delivery:  how to make a professional and effective presentation
  • Course Planning and Safety:  prevent injuries, reduce liability, and ensure success through planning
  • Firearms Training for Bike Officers:  bike-specific firearms and other specialized training
  • EMS Scene Safety and Load Placement:  keeping yourself, your patient, and your equipment safe
  • Tour de ITK:  a guided tour through the IPMBA Instructor ToolKit CD-ROM
  • Basic Maintenance & Safety Procedures:  how to teach minor repairs and ensure proper bike fit
  • Teaching Basic Bike-Handling Skills:  how to instill the fundamentals
  • Constructing the Cone Courses:  how to set up cone courses and maximize their usefulness 
  • Teaching Vehicular Cycling:  how to conduct safe road training and testing
  • Diagnosing and Correcting Rider Error:  how to identify errors, demonstrate proper technique, and facilitate student practice and skill mastery
  • Conducting a Night Ride:  lighting, conspicuity, rider safety in low-light environments
  • Conducting a Police/Security/EMS Scenario:  conducting mission-specific scenarios based on real-world situations



You must:

  • Pass the IPMBA Police, EMS, or Security Cyclist Course with a written test score of 90% or better.*
  • Be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of the Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling.
  • Be a current, certified IPMBA member in good standing.
  • Provide proof of licensure or employment as a (state P.O.S.T.-certified or equivalent) law enforcement officer, EMS provider, or security officer.
  • Be an active public safety cyclist on a full- or part-time basis.**
  • Have a minimum of twelve months full-time or 24 months part-time experience on bike duty.

*If you have taken an non-IPMBA public safety cycling course, you must read the "What if I have taken a non-IPMBA public safety cycling course?" FAQ.

**Any individual who has retired or separated from their department in good standing must provide official documentation of having been an active public safety cyclist for five years part-time, or three years full-time, and must apply for the Instructor Course within 24 months after separation. (Official documentation consists of a letter from the chief, HR, or designee who can attest to time on and departure in good standing.)


$Tuition: $825 + Applicable Membership ($60) and Certification ($15) Fees


he IPMBA Instructor Course is a five-day course designed to certify qualified persons as IPMBA Police, EMS, or Security Cyclist Instructors.  It is an intense course that will increase your confidence, reinforce your understanding of the basic principles of public safety cycling, improve your bike-handling skills, and prepare you to communicate that knowledge to others.  Teaching methods include in-class presentations, on-bike drills, and peer and self-critiques.  Students learn how to identify and correct improper technique, assist students in overcoming individual difficulties, and incorporate various methods of instruction into the Police, EMS, and Security Cyclist Courses.  Instructor certification is contingent upon satisfactory results of written and on-bike tests, as well as evaluated presentations.