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Autism Awareness

Class Length: 8 hours
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Register 6/22/20216/22/20210800 - 1700Denton Public Safety Training Center 42 Denton PD ONLY
Register 6/23/20216/23/20210800 - 1700 Denton Public Safety Training Center 44 Denton PD ONLY
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This course will provide you with a basic understanding of autism and how individuals with autism behave,
communicate, and react in various situations. Furthermore, it will address high-risk and crisis incidents and provide you with tips and strategies to defuse and deescalate the
situation. Additionally, it will address how to conduct
interviews involving victims, witnesses and suspects who have autism.
Typical law enforcement contacts
Crisis intervention techniques
Interview techniques
Missing persons
Arrest and restraint
De-escalation techniques
Tools of disclosure
• Understand what autism is and how people are affected by it.
• Recognize possible signs of autism.
• Understand how autism affects people differently.
• Develop alternative ways of identifying people with autism.
• Understand the various challenges of interviewing people with autism.
• Develop strategies for reducing stress and anxiety in people with autism.
• Understand what types of crimes and schemes that people with autism are more likely to become victims.
• Recognize the importance of developing departmental policies and procedures for addressing missing person cases involving people with autism.






Autism and the Law Enforcement Response is instructed by Bart Barta. Bart is the proud father of Daniel, a teenager with autism. He also understands many of the challenges faced by individuals and families affected by autism spec-trum disorder. Bart is a retired law enforcement command-er with more than 31 years of experience. He is also a certi-fied law enforcement instructor who has trained more than 7,000 officers across the United States how to successfully interact with people who have autism.
Bart is recognized as a subject matter expert by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and was selected to contribute to the development of autism curriculum for officers in the state of Florida. He’s also served as an instructor for the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training Program for Florida’s Eleventh Circuit Court’s Mental Health Project. Bart is a former SWAT and Crisis Management Team (Hostage Negotiations) Commander. Bart is the former Commander of the Coral Gables Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division. For six years, Bart served as a member of the University of Miami - Nova Southeastern University’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) Constituency Board.