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Advanced Traffic Stops - Blue to Gold

Class Length: 8 hours
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Officers will be taught both black letter law and real world “best practices,” making them more professional on video and reducing their exposure to civil lawsuits.


Students who complete the course will:

  • Understand important case law regarding traffic stops

  • Understand that every search or seizure requires consent, a recognized exception, or a warrant

  • Know the rules regarding the six most common motor vehicle searches

  • Reduce or eliminated lawsuits

  • Make good case law

Training Modules

  1. The history of the motor vehicle exception and its rationale

  2. A thorough understanding of the Jones decision, which outlined when a trespass onto a constitutionally protected area becomes a search under the Fourth Amendment

  3. Pretext stops under Whren

  4. How the scope of a traffic stop is based on its underlying mission

  5. Issues regarding involuntary transportation

  6. Questioning occupants in light of the Rodriquez decision

  7. The four methods that allow an officer to inquire into other criminal activity without unlawfully extending the stop

  8. Under what circumstances passengers may be identified

  9. When passengers may be forced to stay in the vehicle

  10. Gaining lawful consent to search, and complying with any scope limitations

  11. Warrantless vehicle searches, including:

    • Protective sweep for weapons

    • Search incident to arrest

    • Search for arrest-related evidence

    • Inventories

    • K9 sniffs

    • Probable cause searches


This course teaches practically every legal doctrine involving searching and seizing a vehicle. Whether you are fresh out of the academy, or two years before retirement, this course will teach you something. Expect to be an expert on traffic stop law after completing this class.