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Advanced Search and Seizure - Blue to Gold

Class Length: 8 hours
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The goal of Advanced Search and Seizure is to help officers independently analyze and solve Fourth Amendment problems.


Students who complete the course will:

  • Understand when the Fourth Amendment applies

  • Understand that every search or seizure requires consent, a recognized exception, or a warrant

  • Reduce or eliminated lawsuits

  • Make good case law

Training Modules

  1. First, acquire a solid understand of the Fourth Amendment:

    • What are the key words in the Fourth Amendment that need to be understood by officers

    • What are the three Golden Rules of search and seizure

  2. Next, we explain when the Fourth Amendment is implicated. In particular, we discuss the requirement of state action.

  3. We then discuss what is a Fourth Amendment search and seizure:

    • What are the two searches recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court

    • When does a seizure occur of a person

    • When does a seizure occur of property

  4. Finally, we discuss the legal issues regarding the most used searches and seizures by police officers, in particular:

    • What one of three exceptions an officer needs every time a search or seizure is conducted

    • How to effectively articulate citizen-consensual encounters

    • How to articulate any consensual search, and what are the many pitfalls to avoid

    • What is apparent authority to consent to search, and what if officers are mistaken

    • How to conduct an investigative detention, and how to transition to a P.C. stop or back down to a consensual encounter

    • Legal land-mines regarding First Amendment statements and protesters

    • Hot pursuit into homes

    • Emergency entries into homes

  5. And much more!


This course is designed for all law enforcement officers who have some experience in search and seizure law.