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Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment Course - HITS

Class Length: 16 hours
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All Police officers have received formal training and have gathered an understanding of the legal requirements to begin a vehicle search for contraband. However, most of these officers have received little or no formal training on how to physically conduct the search itself. Because of this, many times the officer misses contraband due to the concealment method being utilized by the suspect. The result is the suspect is released and allowed to continue on the criminal endeavor with the end result being the successful distribution of the contraband to our cities, towns, schools, and finally to our children.

Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment course is designed to meet the need of educating officers in an effort to make law enforcement more successful as a whole when encountering and searching contraband laden vehicles. This training will give the officer the edge when conducting vehicle searches.

Recently we conducted a search of a suspect’s vehicle and discovered more than $346,000.00 hidden in a secret compartment. This same suspect confessed that he had made several previous trips in the same vehicle, transporting concealed drugs and currency each time. The suspect stated that he was searched a total of ten (10) times on those previous trips, some of those included a K-9 search as well. In fact, he had been searched earlier on the same trip when we apprehended him. He admitted that the other officers conducting the searches could not find the concealment and eventually released him each time. All those previous contraband smuggling trips were successful even though he dealt with law enforcement on each and every one. These circumstances are not unusual. It would be arguable that most if not all the other officers that had searched the vehicle, had little or no formal training in vehicle contraband concealment.

The course takes the concept of concealing contraband in vehicles and breaks it down to afford the officer a formal understanding of the extent of the ever-evolving methods smugglers are utilizing to avoid detection if they are searched. The course discusses the perspective, planning, and preparation needed by officers before conducting searches. The officer learns the concealment options afforded to the suspect and the proper search techniques to discover the concealment. The course then walks the officer through every area of the vehicle where contraband can be concealed, giving detailed explanation on how to properly search each area and what to look for in order to make discovery.

Video, moving photo illustration, and photograph media affording the student an actual visual representation of the classroom discussion topics heavily support Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment. The course is detailed and in-depth. This course is not a show-and-tell. This course is not a trophy shot class. This course is specifically designed to teach the student. However, this course addresses only physical search techniques and does not discuss legal issues of search and seizure.





  • Development of systematic search techniques
  • Search Objectives
  • X-ray equipment developments
  • Density detection equipment developments
  • K-9 failures
  • How officers are getting beat on concealment everyday
  • Pitfalls concerning concealment

Even experienced drug interdiction officers leave this class with a new outlook on concealment and adjust their searching techniques This class is a must for K-9 officers and any patrol officer who conducts vehicle searches.


Designed for experienced officers and detectives.