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Dark Web Investigations

Class Length: 16 hours
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This 2-day (16 hour) course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of overlay networks (TOR, I2P, Freenet) commonly associated with the dark web.
Circumstances may arise where an investigation leads to an area of the internet not often traversed by everyday internet users. This may preclude the unskilled investigator from conducting a thorough investigation, but not with this course!
Here you will leave with unfounded skills and confidence to take on any darknet case. Let’s face it, despite law enforcement’s best efforts, darknet marketplaces and its users continue to thrive. Having a clear understanding of darknet communication and currency practices is key to developing effective strategies to
combating this type of crime.

• Dark Web vs. Darknet vs. Deep Web vs. Clearnet
• Basics of Encryption and Cryptography; the foundation of overlay networks.
• Define Overlay Networks such as TOR, I2P and how they are used to anonymize oneself.
• Anatomy of Onion Routing associated with the TOR Network.
• How to create a TOR Hidden Service.
• How to de-anonymize hidden services and its users.
• Darknet communication structures.
• Darknet Marketplace Investigations – Real case studies
• How to search and find information on the dark web as easy as using Google.
• Hands-on instruction of how to safely and securely setup a safe investigative environment.
• Anatomy of a Cybercrime Organization.
• Every student will leave with materials and software to assist in recreating your newly gained knowledge in your own work environments. This ensures successful outcomes and resolution of your cases.
• Resources to assist investigations.


Who Should Attend: Law Enforcement, Regulators or Compliance personnel assigned to high technology crime investigation, white collar crime, forgery-fraud, identity theft as well as individuals whose role is seizing computer evidence and equipment.This course also caters to those involved with analytical work such as the Crime and Intel Analyst.

INSTRUCTOR: Detective Tony Moore is a highly commended detective in the use of dark web, cryptocurrencies, social media
and internet in his investigations. He has trained hundreds of first responders on the topic of the Dark Web. His full biography is
listed on registration website.


Students must have a working knowledge of computer operating
systems and Internet networking protocol.




This is a hands-on course, students are required to bring a laptop or tablet with internet access and administrator privileges.

$295 per student
$250 groups of five or more