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SWAT - Intermediate Course

Class Length: 30 hours
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Denton Police Tactical will be conducting a three day (30-hour) Intermediate SWAT Skills course.  This course is for the basically trained SWAT operators up to team leaders who want to develop their skills and practice "outsight" to refine their operating procedures.

Day 1: DPD Firearms Range (MAP)Tactical firearms, firearms safety, building a shooting platform, movement and weapons orientation, transitioning, positional shooting and shooting from cover/barricades, and shield deployments.

Day 2: Denton Public Safety Training CenterDynamic entry and immediate threat concepts, and tactics for shielded entries.

Day 3: Denton Public Safety Training CenterVehicle assault tactics utilizing commonly available platforms, such as unmarked passenger vehicles.







This course will require physical exertion including dynamic movement in tactical gear.

Students should bring all of their normal tactical gear, to include:

  • entry gear to include vest (capable of holding magazines)
  • eye and ear protections
  • gloves
  • helmet
  • AR-style rifle with light (optic highly recommended)
  • 3 rifle mags
  • pistol with pistol rig
  • 500 rounds rifle
  • 200 rounds pistol
  • If available, Simunition gear and 50 rounds rifle, pistol
  • Note taking gear
  • thumbdrive for lesson plans