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Uniformed Criminal Interdiction

Class Length: 8 hours
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Register 2/13/20232/13/20230800 - 1600Denton Public Safety Training Center
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This one-day course is designed for all officers, of all tenure, who

typically work in a uniformed capacity, although most of the concepts

are universal to human interaction. Topics include:

1. The 6 domains of human behavior.

2. Reading verbal and non-verbal communication.

3. Navigating an investigative conversation.

4. Utilizing your own personality to your advantage.

5. Discovering your Shadow.

6. Best practices for success.



I’ve studied human behavior and ideology intensely. I subscribe to

the sheepdog mindset, and that it takes strong, well-trained men

and women to preserve our peace and way of life. I’ve experienced

firsthand how learning to read human behavior and developing my own

communication techniques has been an immeasurable force multiplier

in my own career, as well as having a direct impact on the local criminal

element. I am convinced this is the single greatest skillset a law

enforcement officer should develop and maintain. Just as I’ve received

similar training throughout my career from tenured officers nationwide,

I feel it is my responsibility to offer my own experiences and lessons

learned to help enhance the law enforcement community.


Law Enforcement Only




Instructor: Travis Allen