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Certified Search and Seizure Instructor (CSSI) - Blue to Gold

Class Length: 16 hours
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The Certified Search & Seizure Instructor is intended for academy and in-service instructors. It is also intended for ANY officer seeking to master Fourth Amendment concepts and earn a valuable certification. 

The CSSI program will build upon the concepts taught during the Advanced Search & Seizure, Advanced Traffic Stops, and Advanced Criminal Investigations class.

In the end, graduates will have skills needed to teach officers how to make good case law. 

Length: 16 Hours and must pass a comprehensive test available after the class. 

Test: All students will be required to pass a comprehensive test within 10 days after the class. 



Upon completion students will have a solid understanding of the Fourth Amendment and will know how to teach core concepts, including reasonable suspicion, curtilage, and objective reasonableness. 


Training Modules

1. Three Golden Rules of search and seizure

2. How to research case law

3. How to teach officers about the latest case law

4. Core Fourth Amendment principles

5. State law differences

6. Independent and adequate state grounds doctrine

7. The Exclusionary Rule

8. Standing and privacy interests

9. Overview of the comprehensive test

10. Overview of the training materials






Must have taken Advanced Search & Seizure, Advanced Traffic Stops, and Advaned Criminal Investigations within the last year.  Additionally, instructor development is highly recommended but not required (states may require it before teaching). 


Texas Peace Officers:  Should plan to take or already be a certified TCOLE Instructor. 




Upon completing the course and passing the comprehensive test students will be permitted to use the "CSSI" designation on any business cards, resumes, Linked-In, and so forth.  Students must complete 16 hours of Blue to Gold legal training every two years to maintain the CSSI designation.  The 16 hours may consist of webinars (free or paid), short courses, or full day courses.  Students may repeat courses taken in the previous two-year certification period.  For example, student who took Advanced Search & Seizure in 2020 may retake the class in 2022 and count that towards the recert.  Please contact Blue to Gold with any questions. 


Materials provided:

Upon completion, student will receive: 

Search & Seizure Survival Guide

PowerPoint to help teach core Fourth Amendment concepts to fellow officers

FLETC's Ultimate Supreme Court Legal Reference

Frame-able completion certificate

Blue to Gold lapel pin

Blue to Gold challenge coin