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Criminal Patrol/ Drug Interdiction Class - HITS

Class Length: 16 hours
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Register 1/23/20231/24/20230800-1700Denton Public Safety Training Center
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The objective of this course is to educate law enforcement officers in proper techniques and procedures to successfully and lawfully conduct criminal/drug interdiction patrol stops. This class is not based on theory or old school techniques; it is based upon current successful operations.


Traffic enforcement is one of the most challenging aspects of law enforcement. All traffic stops are unpredictable situations that can lead to a simple warning or citation to the apprehension of violent and dangerous suspects. Unlike many criminal patrol/drug interdiction courses, we do not solely focus on “Highway drug interdiction”. Our Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction course gives the student the whole package. The officer will learn how to detect all types of criminals on traffic stops to include drug and contraband smuggling.

Let’s face it, most officers do not have the opportunity to strictly work an interstate or major highway. We take this into consideration as our course discusses the criminal element as a whole as well as drug smuggling. Officers attending our course are encouraged to seek and apprehend suspects committing all types of criminal activity. Most of these stops occur within a city or county during routine stops. Officers are taught the importance of the assessment process of any criminal patrol stop is the interaction between them and the person they have stopped. The officer will learn an ethical approach to working criminal patrol/drug interdiction. The officer is exposed to the fact that treating all persons with dignity and respect is the core to a successful criminal patrol endeavor.

The course is inundated with actual traffic stop video clips showing the detection of all types of criminals through traffic enforcement.



  • Introduction to Criminal/ Drug Interdiction
  • Roadside interview techniques that uncover criminal activity
  • Indicators of deception
  • Legal issues relating to interdiction patrol stops
  • Contraband smuggling
  • Currency seizures

Upon successful completion of this course, officers will have an in-depth knowledge of the proper working techniques of Criminal/Drug Interdiction.


None, but it is designed for officers and detectives with experience.