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Advanced Collision Investigation (TEEX)
Advanced Communication and Social Media Issues for Negotiators (TAHN)
Advanced DWI, Intox Assault, Intox Manslaughter Investigations & Prosecution
Analytic Interviewing (Proactive Leader)
Analytic Interviewing - Advanced (Proactive Leader)
ATF Training Denton Police Department Only
Basic Hostage Negotiator
Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC)
Basic Police Cyclist
Basic Police Supervision (ILEA)
Basic Radar User
Basic SWAT
Basic TCOLE Instructor
Beginning Field Training Officer Denton Police Department Only
Below 100
Bicycle Fleet Maintenance Course
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis I (Bevel Gardner)
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis II (Bevel Gardner)
Canine Encounters
Cell Phone Technology and Forensic Data Recovery Certification (CTF) (PATC)
Collision Reconstruction (TEEX)
Commercial Vehicle Counterterrorism Training Program (FLETC)
Consortium Driving
Counseling on Access to Lethal Means (CALM)
Crime Scene Reconstruction - Level 1 (Bevel Gardner)
Cultural Diversity
Defensive Tactics Instructor (TEEX)
Detecting Deception (Code 4)
Distracted Driving for Law Enforcement (TMPA)
Diversity: Depth and Perspective
Emergency Vehicle Operation
Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement
Enforcement Issues Related to Texas Gun Laws and Open Carry (CLEAT)
Every Employee a Leader (ILEA)
Explosives Recognition and IED Awareness
Family Violence: Making the Case
Female Enforcers (Calibre Press)
Female Officer Survival Skills (Safariland)
Field Training Officer Update Denton Police Department Only
Fingerprint Identification - Advanced (Texas Forensic Associates)
Fingerprint Identification - Basic (Texas Forensic Associates)
Fingerprint Identification - Intermediate (Texas Forensic Associates)
Fingerprint Identification - Palm Print Recognition & Identification (Texas Forensic Associates)
Firearms - Handgun Accuracy Speed and Movement
Firearms - Handgun Fundamentals of Accuracy and Speed
Firearms - Low Light Skills and Tactics Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Patrol Rifle Introduction Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Qualification and Skills Denton Police Department Only
Firearms - Skills and Tactics Denton Police Department Only
Firearms Instructor - Basic
Firearms Instructor - Development Denton Police Department Only
Firearms Instructor - Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
Forensic Photography
Forensic Photography II (TEEX)
Fraud and Financial Crimes (Training Force USA)
Front Desk Safety & Security (Code 4)
Group 1: CIT, Body-worn Cameras, and OC Recert Denton Police Department Only
Group 3: Domestic Violence Response / Opioids Denton Police Department Only
Identity Theft Training (FBI-LEEDA)
Interacting with Drivers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Intermediate Arrest, Search, and Seizure
Intermediate Child Abuse
Intermediate Collision Investigation (TEEX)
Intermediate Crime Scene
Intermediate Police/EMS Cyclist
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate SWAT Skills
Intermediate Use of Force
Intoxilyzer 9000 Operator School
Introduction to Extracts and BHO
Juvenile Justice System
Leading Tactically (Code 4)
Legal Update
LEO Wellness and Resiliency (Training Force USA)
Less Lethal 2-Day Instructor Requalification (Safariland)
Marijuana DWI/DUI Enforcement
Mastering Leadership Skills and Officer Performance (PATC)
Mental Health First Aid
Missing and Exploited Children
Motorcycle Gangs vs Motorcycle Clubs and Knowing the Difference
Non-Bias Policing and De-Escalation Techniques "Train-the-Trainer" (DVICE)
Officer Involved Shootings (Training Force USA)
On-Target Solutions for Law Enforcement Supervisors (OTSG)
On-Target Solutions to Problem Employees (OTSG)
PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor (TEEX)
PPCT Ground Avoidance Ground Escape (TEEX)
PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor (TEEX)
PPCT Tactical Team Close Quarters Countermeasures Instructor (TEEX)
Reading Body Language (Code 4)
Reality Based Training Instructor (TEEX)
Recruiting and Hiring for Law Enforcement (PATC)
Reid Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
Responding to Citizens with Dementia
Safety & Security for Places of Worship (Training Force USA)
School Based Law Enforcement (HB 2684)
Search and Seizure Training (Blue to Gold)
Search Warrant Basics
Servant Leadership
Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Instructor (TEEX)
SFST Instructor Course
SFST Update
Smarter Policing in Changing Times (OTSG)
Smartphone Forensics and Cellular Technology Certification +SMART (PATC)
Social Media and Community Outreach (PATC)
Special Investigative Topics
Start By Believing
Stop Stick Train-the-Trainer
Street Level Drug/Narcotics Investigations (PATC)
Supplemental Peace Officer Course
TASER X2 User Course Denton Police Department Only
Test Course
Texas Trafficking: A Hard Look
The Colony Active Shooter Training
The Radical Antigovernment Movement
The Ultimate Training Officer (Calibre Press)
Universal Interviewing (Proactive Leader)
US Postal Service Training
Use of Force Investigations (Training Force USA)
Vehicle Crimes Interdiction and Updates
Verbal Excellence - Winning With Words (Code 4)
Voluntary PT Incentive Assessment Denton Police Department Only