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Smarter Policing in Changing Times (OTSG)

Class Length: 16 hours
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Who should attend: Sworn police officers from the rank of Chief of Police/Sheriff to front line law enforcement officers.
Nothing is as important to government services as the relationship between law enforcement and the public that is served. Recent inflammatory actions and news stories have had a severe impact and the perception of law enforcement. Agencies and individual employees must understand their role and that every action and statement that is made reflects on the profession as a whole. This training will focus not only on individual employee attitudes and beliefs, but also organizational concepts that perpetuate a lack of trust with the community. 
All On-Target Solutions Group courses are conducted by active law enforcement executives!
Topics Include:
· Explaining the concept and foundations of Blue Courage
· Service, justice, legitimacy and fundamental fairness as they apply to the Nobility of Policing
· Resilience and apply techniques designed to enhance ability to function in peak capacity
· Respect in police work
· De-Escalation Techniques 
· Compare and contrast the Power of Influence and the Power of Control
· The concepts of pattern interruption
· Policing using influence and control
· The use of profanity in police work
· How cynicism effects police work
This class is not:
Redefining policing
Critical in NATURE
Political correctness
This class is:
Critical in PRACTICE
Thinking differently
Protecting our valued profession
Reflecting on your own experiences
Applying legitimacy in the workplace