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Truck & Bus Traffic Enforcement Train the Trainer

Class Length: 4 hours
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Purpose of Training:

Large trucks and buses have been wreaking havoc on Texas highways for many years. In fact, Texas consistently leads the nation in large truck fatalities and has one of the highest rates of bus fatalities each year. Even though there are designated officers who focus on commercial motor vehicle traffic enforcement, there are simply not enough to reduce the number of crashes, so they continue to increase. A successful strategy being adopted throughout the nation is to train and encourage non-CMV certified officers, to include local and county law enforcement members, to actively enforce common operator violations, i.e., speeding, disregard of a traffic signal, etc., by the drivers of trucks and buses, thereby reducing crashes and fatalities.

NOTE: This training especially important for agencies having CMV STEP grant or will have one in FY 2020.

Course Description:

The Truck & Bus Traffic Enforcement Training Program is presented at no cost to the participant and re-emphasizes the need for all sworn officers to engage large trucks and buses safely and effectively to reduce the rate of crash injuries and fatalities. The program will prepare attendees to deliver a 2-hour in-service  training program to local officers and county sheriff deputies. Attendees who complete the training will receive 4-hours of  TCOLE CEU credits.

Course Objectives:

  •  Identify the common traffic violations associated with truck and bus crashes.
  •  Understand the safety considerations that apply before, during and after a stop.
  •  Detect potential indicators of serious vehicle defects and/or criminal activity.
  •  Recognize the documentation required when conducting a truck or bus traffic stop.