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Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Phase I & II (PATC)

Class Length: 40 hours
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Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® is a training program that teaches multi-phase behavioral analysis and tactical interrogation methods using advanced kinesic interview and interrogation theories. The course is designed to help interviewers maximize their ability to gain valuable information as quickly and efficiently as possible. The two phases encompassing all the courses that make up Practical Kinesic Interview & Interrogation® training programs includes the Practical Kinesic Analysis Phase and the Tactical Interrogation Phase.

The Practical Kinesic Analysis Phase (Level I) assists the interviewer in recognizing the cues of truthful and deceptive behavior generated by the subject.

The Practical Kinesic Analysis Phase discusses the following topics:
1)    Verbal Cues - Identification of symptoms of speech quality and content which give the interviewer the most productive body of data necessary to determine truth and deception.
2)    Practical Kinesic Statement Analysis™ - Assessment of truth and deception through the use of verbal cues coupled with methods of human recall and symptoms made self-evident in the statement taking process.
3)    Body Language Cues - The observable body language cues of deception that are unbalanced or inconsistent in relation to the speech cues or emotional symptoms generated by the subject at the same time.
4)    Kinesic Subject Control - Discussion of various techniques available to the interviewer to take control and command of the interview environment. From proxemics to mirroring - the use of enhanced information gathering skills.
5)    Confession Behaviors - Identification and recognition of the verbal and nonverbal acceptance cues generated by a subject who is prepared to give an admission of confession.  The Tactical Interrogation Phase uses Practical Kinesic Analysis Phase data with a customized interrogation designed to overcome personality type and defense mechanism behaviors to obtain confession.

The Tactical Interrogation Phase covers the following topics:
1)    The Stress Response States - Subjects under the stress of deception during the interrogation generate identifiable responses to stress that can be controlled in order to facilitate confession.
2)    The Primary Dominant Personalities - The identification of the different subject is personality types and the appropriate strategies necessary to successfully interrogate and gain confessions from each type.
3)    Sub-Verbal Encryption - This section explores the phenomenon in which an individual actually indicates through verbal encoding, key information indicating personality type, criminal motivation, situational response to interview stress which can be used by the interviewer to streamline productive information gathering.
4)    Tactical Kinesic Interrogation - The intelligent combination of Stress Response State Analysis, Primary Dominant Personality Identification and Sub-Verbal Encryption techniques required to conduct the tactical subject interrogation necessary to assist in gaining the admission or confession from even the most difficult subject's.