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Intermediate Police/EMS Cyclist

Class Length: 24 hours
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An IPMBA certified course is becoming the only basic police cycling course recognized by many state law enforcement education certification boards.  But what training is there beyond the basic Police and EMS Cyclist course.  We will build on those basic skills while adding new a twists to training.  Certified IPMBA instructors (PCIs) teach the curriculum for students to receive new and innovative looks at how we view riding obstacles.  They will learn how to size up obstacles and evaluate the rider’s individual riding proficiency to determine bail out points and eliminate possible injuries. 

This course emphasizes learning new skills and processes the student can take home with them to continue their training and their skill building.  We will work with advance skills, obstacle clearing, scenario based training, Search and Rescue techniques, off road skills, and hands on maintenance.   

Physical Requirements

All students must be able to complete the basic skills in the PC I or EMSC I course.  The first day of class will begin by building on top of the basic skills learned in PC/ EMS I. 

Required Equipment


  1. Reputable manufactured mountain bike in good working order and properly fitted.
  2. Pedal retention device – toe clips (w/ straps), clipless or flat pedal with spikes and flat pedal shoes
  3. Bicycle helmet – ANSI, Snell or CPSC approved
  4. Eye protection

A certified bike mechanic should inspect all bikes to be used by students before bringing them to class; special attention should be paid to the brakes and shifting mechanisms, especially on new bikes, this helps minimize the time spent by instructors repairing and adjusting bicycles. 


Bicycle Multi-tool, patch kit, spare tube, tire levers and air inflation device.

Suggested equipment

Padded cycling shorts, cycling gloves

Off Road tires and attire

Bicycle repair stand

**All students must wear a bicycling helmet, eye protection, and pedal retention devices while on the bike. No exceptions will be granted.


The training will be held regardless of the weather with few exceptions. 


IPMBA Police Cyclist or EMS Cyclist I course