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Search and Seizure Training (Blue to Gold)

Class Length: 8 hours
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When was the last time your officers received updated search and seizure training? The reality is that many officers have had no professional continuing education in this vital area since the academy. Yet, case law changes constantly and civil rights lawsuits are becoming more common, and successful. Your officers need (and want) this training now more than ever.

This training is designed from the ground up for ALL officers. We know from research that students in the academy retain less than 30% of what was taught. In other words, they forgot more search and seizure then they remembered

Topics Covered

Our first task is to reinforce core concepts including:

  • Two types of searches under the Fourth Amendment

  • Seizures of property and persons

  • When warrants are required

  • How to conduct consensual encounters and searches

  • Rules regarding investigative detentions

  • And much more

We then move into current case regarding:

  • Laws regarding protests

  • Conduct during citizen video recordings

  • Warrantless entries into homes and businesses

  • Warrantless searches of vehicles

  • Interview and interrogation laws

  • Dealing with constitutionalists

  • Search incident to arrest

  • And much more.

This is an advanced class and every student receives the 2017 Search & Seizure Survival Guide.






Course cost after 2/25/19 is $127