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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

Class Length: 4 hours
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Law enforcement personnel (both sworn and civilian) start their careers as passionate, idealistic, enthusiastic people who are often heard saying "I can't believe they pay me to do this job." Almost immediately, they (and their families) are exposed to the "realities of the job"(day to day pressures and demands); which they are usually unprepared for.

Without an effective strategy, these can overwhelm even the most experienced and capable person; which can lead to a variety of unintended personal and professional consequences such as erosion of normal coping mechanisms, disillusionment, anger, loss of job satisfaction, bad decision making, and family problems.

Participants in the class will have an opportunity to assess their own vulnerability to pressures/demands, change, burnout, and anger. The presentation is designed to help law enforcement personnel become more resilient, enthusiastic, and empowered to withstand the day to day pressures that destroy the things families work so hard to build.






This course is designed for law enforcement personnel and their families. There is a session in the morning and an identical session in the afternoon. This was done to accommodate childcare issues and to allow one parent to attend in the morning and the other parent to attend in the afternoon.