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Analytic Interviewing (Proactive Leader)

Class Length: 40 hours
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Forty years of research in human deception and detection by psychotherapist have identified the skills investigators must develop to be highly effective interviewers and detectors of deception. Experienced intelligence officers, undercover agents and homicide investigators collaborated with some of the 20th centuries leading researchers in psychotherapy to develop this powerful interviewing approach.

The 1990's have been called the decade of the brain. During that period, more was learned about the brain and the mind than the entire previous history of neuroscience and psychology. Advances in technology allowed scientists to directly record the activity of single neurons or group of neurons and relate that activity to specific mental states. Unprecedented work was conducted regarding the cognitive process, emotions and the impact of human interaction on the human mind, resulting in significant discoveries and applications for investigators. Researchers in neuroscience are confirming why the Analytic Interviewing approach is so powerful.

Analytic Interviewing motivates individuals through building trust and rapport to provide detailed and truthful information while developing the interviewer's own "lie detector." This approach is a significant paradigm shift from traditional training in interviewing. Analytic Interviewing has powerful universal application well beyond interviewing criminal suspects.

This course develops specific nonverbal, social intelligent and emotional intelligent skills that we as humans are genetically predisposed to learning and using in human interaction. Psychotherapist have found that the skills taught in this course must be taught in a specific sequence for participants to learn the advanced skills required to interview and detect deception. This course has been streamed lined to maximize the learning curve in the least amount of time. The curriculum includes techniques used to train doctoral students in counseling psychology to help participants experience and learn specific skills essential for reading people.

Detecting deception in the blink of an eye? This course trains participants to read facial expressions that occur in 1/25 to 1/2 second: called microexpressions. Microexpressions reveal hidden emotions or deception. The ability to detect microexpressions gives the interviewer powerful insight into what the interviewee is feeling and thinking. Asking questions about what triggered microexpressions, in combination with other specific techniques, can provide invaluable information and psychologically trigger a flood of detailed, truthful information.

Analytic Interviewing provides investigators and undercover agents the advanced interpersonal skills and confidence to fully realize their potential in quickly and accurately assessing people and situations, managing the interview process, and obtaining accurate, detailed, truthful information.






This course is in two parts.  Part 1 is Nov 6-8 and part 2 is Nov 12-13.