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Smartphone Forensics and Cellular Technology Certification +SMART (PATC)

Class Length: 40 hours
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For full course information and details, please visit the course page on the PATC website.

The primary objective of +SMART training is to provide practical instruction to attendees on the unique sets of evidence available on Smartphones and the advanced location-based evidence available on Smartphone’s and cellular networks. +SMART training provides attendees a practical exercise and study for law enforcement officers, detectives, private investigators, SIU’s and computer specialists on the following:

  • Smartphone operating systems, including iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android® and more.
  • Advanced data recovery and analysis of data on Smartphones
  • Understanding advanced cellular communication technologies for plotting suspect locations
  • Practical understanding of IPv6, The Cloud, 4G and Mobile Hotspot data on smart phones
  • WiFi analysis from Smartphone data
  • Trilateration
  • Tower Discovery
  • and more...


This training module will provide practical instruction on the forensic techniques required for acquiring and investigating evidence from Smartphones and cellular technologies for the purpose of case development and successful prosecution.

Review of Cellular Networks & Introduction to Smartphone Technology: The training will start with a review of the different types of cellular networks and introduction to smartphone technology. As well as, what types of operating systems are used by devices such as the iPhone, droid and BlackBerry including jailbreaking and rooting devices.

Smartphone Operating Systems: Utilizing both classroom and hands-on exercises each attendee will be provided the skills required to understand smart phone operating systems and skills needed to recover data from these devices using a variety of applications.

Data Recovery from Smartphones: Attendees will be provided images of devices to examine and learn where to find artifacts that may be important to the investigator. Issues covered will include examining backups of synchronized phones, wifi analysis, skype analysis and internet history.

PIN and PUK: Attendees will gain the understanding of a PIN and PUK, how to examine devices with a PIN, and utilities and tools that may be able to defeat the PIN, and how to obtain a PUK for certain types of cellular devices.

Router Interrogation: Students will be given practical instruction on interrogating routers for the purpose of identifying smartphones previously connected to the routers and how this information identifies potential suspects at a scene over a time period.

Smartphone Connection Logs: Students will be given practical instruction on determining if the phone was connected to the Internet via Wifi or if it was connected to a cellular network. In this section students will be introduced to IP Addressing on Smartphones, IPv6 and Mobile Hotspots. The purpose of this portion of instruction is to assist investigators in finding historical locations of the suspect and where to look for additional sources of evidence.

Practical Exercises: The class will include practical exercises in which the students will be supplied forensic images of smartphone's to examine, locate the evidence, prepare a report and practice testifying to their findings.






+SMART TESTING At the conclusion of training students will be given instructions on accessing the PATC Testing Portal to test for the +SMART credential that may be added to their CTF Certification.